Saturday, April 16, 2011

I ended up having lots more drinks,and I knew I wasn't safe for driving.I called Shinu to come pick me up.When we got to his place,I ended up stumbling into his arms.He caught me and rolled his eyes "Emma you are going to have such a hango-" He stopped when I caught his gaze.We ended up making out and stumbling into his room until we found the bed.

When we settled ourselves on the bed he looked around nervously "Emma..we..shouldn't" I groaned "Shinu if I didn't want to I wouldn't be here" So we did.And it was amazing.

He had ended up driving me back home and carrying me up to my bed.I showered and took a quick nap,but I still kept going back to the thought of Shinu.

I walked downstairs,still feeling a little woozy from drinking so much.When I turned on the tv spongebob was on,so I kicked back and watched.I couldn't wait to have a kid of my own..and share with them..and laugh with would be oodles of fun.
I ended up getting up off the couch,and walking my way to the local art gallery.I felt my stomach rumble.Grubs up...There was a food truck right by the art gallery,so of course I went.

Tacos.$10's on a taco.Oh boy prices have been rising...I needed a pay check.

I looked at the clock "Crap!Work!" I ran back home,and was panting by the time I got there.
When I did get home I discovered that the car pool had gotten tired of waiting and left me.I rushed on my bike to get to work.
I was extremely happy when I finally got out of work.I had busted my butt off trying to get a good days pay.And I did.
When I got home and got out of the shower I saw Shinu at my computer."Well hello Shinu" He turned around and flashed a smile.I noticed he was in his boxers..only his boxers."Hey Emma,I didn't think you would mind me stopping by since we kind of woohooed already" I giggled..woohoo.."Yeah its totally fine,though I would have expected you to be wearing more clothes.He laughed loudly and shook his head "Nah,clothes are for the minors,I'm a pro"  I smirked and shook my head,I knew exactly what he was talking about."Well I'm going to cook dinner." As I was walking away,he stood up grabbed my hand,and spun me around.
I raised my eyebrow,but I didn't pull my hand away.
I was surprised when he leaned in for a kiss.It was magical though,as if there were sparks flying through my body.
I was shocked "Woah.." He smiled and took my hand."Emma,ever since we...woohooed..I couldn't stop thinking about you...I want.." He stammered "I want to go out with you.I want to know that you're mine and no one else can have you..and plus I kind of moved in already so I'll look like a douche if you don't agree" I laughed "Of course I want to be yours." Forever yours.

Friday, April 8, 2011

1.4 Boombox

When I got home I yawned.It had been a long day,and I was just about ready to go to sleep when I turned my head and saw someone.There had been a house just like mine next door,but no one lived there.But I saw a woman standing there in front of the trees.
I walked right over and introduced myself."Hi my names Emma,I live next door,and thought I should stop and say hi" she smiled sweetly and said hi.Her name was easy to say,but a little harder to type,I'll call her Pen.
She was really gorgeous.Our skin tones differed about 2 shades,but all the same.
" just moved in today?" She smiled and nodded.We talked for a while until she commented on how dark it was getting.I smiled and walked back to my house,she probably wanted to unpack her boxes.
I leaned against the wall until it truly was dark out.I may have been tired,but in no way was I going to sleep.I was gonna go out tonight,and have fun.
I treated myself to a makeover.I not only looked,but felt different.It was really new to me.
"Hey Shinu!I was wondering if you want to meet me at the Rainbow Room?" "Oh hey Emma,um yeah..I'm at work right now,maybe some other time?" "Oh Shinu!Sigh fine..bye" Well that was a total failure.Guess I'll be going alone tonight.
When I got there,it wasn't really packed,but there was some people around.
The bouncer had a really bad scowl on her face,so I hurried in.
I started off the night with a drink.I hoped it would ease my nerves a little.
I got up and started dancing.The rest of the night was a sinful blur.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

1.3 Shinu

There he was.I called him Ukie,I knew who he was,we both lived in an orphanage for most of our lives,and we were friends almost instantaneousness.He was rather cute,and I always had a small crush on him,okay a big crush.He was my first kiss actually.We were 5,and curious,it was a small peck,but it was sparks.

Just in case it wasn't him,I approached carefully,then said "'re Shinu right?" He raised his eyebrow and nodded "And you are..?" I smiled "Emma.We went to the same orphanage,remember?"His face lit up and he smiled.I'm pretty sure the thing that made us friends was that we were both asian,well I was part asian,and part mexican,he was full out asian.
He then embraced me in a hug.It doesn't matter how many times we've hugged,it always made my stomach tingle.He pulled out of the hug and asked how long Iv'e been here,I said only a day,he blushed and said he'd just moved here.I laughed and asked him how he'd been,apparently he just got out of the orphanage.I was glad I got to see him again,I remember crying at the thought of leaving him behind.
He asked me if I knew how everyone else was doing.I frowned and shook my head.He said that they were living up in neverglade.I wanted to go up and live there,it was so peaceful.I went camping there once.It was quiet at night,and the stars would shine really bright.We were both hungry,so we went into the tiny bistro and ordered.
I got cobbler and he got Stir Fry.He looked at my plate and laughed "Only you Em would eat desert for lunch" I blushed.It was true,I loved sweet things,hello obesity.
While he rationed and ate with patience,I was just about ready to stuff the whole entire cobbler down my throat.It was warm,and tasted like heaven.He looked at me and laughed.I giggled and said I was sorry,I'm a slob when I eat.
It surprised no one that I was the first to finish,so I sat there and waited for him.When he did finish,he asked if I would want to go see a movie,I smiled and said that there was one I really wanted to see.
We raced to the theater,and I won.I was on the track team in high school,but I'm also pretty sure he gave me a head start.
I stood waiting for him,and looked around.It was very flashy,with big posters up of what movies were next.There was one about a woman painter.Iv'e always wanted to paint,hm...Maybe later when I start a family.We both bid our goodbyes,and went home.

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