Friday, April 8, 2011

1.4 Boombox

When I got home I yawned.It had been a long day,and I was just about ready to go to sleep when I turned my head and saw someone.There had been a house just like mine next door,but no one lived there.But I saw a woman standing there in front of the trees.
I walked right over and introduced myself."Hi my names Emma,I live next door,and thought I should stop and say hi" she smiled sweetly and said hi.Her name was easy to say,but a little harder to type,I'll call her Pen.
She was really gorgeous.Our skin tones differed about 2 shades,but all the same.
" just moved in today?" She smiled and nodded.We talked for a while until she commented on how dark it was getting.I smiled and walked back to my house,she probably wanted to unpack her boxes.
I leaned against the wall until it truly was dark out.I may have been tired,but in no way was I going to sleep.I was gonna go out tonight,and have fun.
I treated myself to a makeover.I not only looked,but felt different.It was really new to me.
"Hey Shinu!I was wondering if you want to meet me at the Rainbow Room?" "Oh hey Emma,um yeah..I'm at work right now,maybe some other time?" "Oh Shinu!Sigh fine..bye" Well that was a total failure.Guess I'll be going alone tonight.
When I got there,it wasn't really packed,but there was some people around.
The bouncer had a really bad scowl on her face,so I hurried in.
I started off the night with a drink.I hoped it would ease my nerves a little.
I got up and started dancing.The rest of the night was a sinful blur.


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