Sunday, March 27, 2011

1.2 A brand new day

When I woke up I had felt my back stick to the bed.It was so hot,especially since summer was so close.When I had opened my eyes,I heard birds chirping.It was nice to live in this area of town,where you couldn't hear a sound of traffic.
I sighed and stumbled out of bed.I only knew 2 people here in town,and I thought it was kind of important to know the neighbors.I got up,and rushed to get ready and eat.
I rang the doorbell,and a man answered,hm he wasn't too shabby,but I'm pretty sure he was married.
"Hi...My names emma,I just moved across from here a day ago" He smiled."Oh well names jake,feel free to come in"
When I got inside,I look around.It was definitely interesting to be in such a big home.I assumed he was rich,maybe even a celebrity.Growing up in an orphanage,the only real celebrity I knew of was Hannah Montana.
"So..." I kind of jumped when he said that."What do you do for a living" I wasn't quite sure how to answer that."Actually,Iv'e still been trying to look around town a little before I commit myself to one job,ya know?" he nodded."I tried that for a while,it was great to experience the towns feel,but keeping up on bills wasn't very easy" I frowned "Oh yeah..I kind of forgot about that.." He laughed "Feel free to look around" He said and disappeared through a door.
I ended up in the kitchen.I was so big compared to my tiny one.Bottles...spices...and god knows what else.I secretly wanted to cook something but knew that would be inappropriate.There was only one floor in the house.I guess my little tour was over.I showed myself the door and went back home.
To say I was scared of what Jake said about the bills was an understatement.I had rushed to the computer and went online for search of a job.I then sighed and shut off the computer,nothing interesting.I would have to do this the old fashioned way.I knew what I really wanted to do,I wanted to cook..I just didn't know if I wanted to go forward with that kind of career,but I decided I had to.
I entered the bistro,and counted every single step.I got the job....but then I walked out and saw HIM...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

No chapter?

I might be able to get a chapter in tomorrow,but I'm also working on populating neverglade,so that way I can move my legacy there [When she gets married and has kids of course]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Generation 1.1 My name is Emma name is Emma.I'm not very good at introductions,but I'll try my best.I'm sure this is the part where I say I was raised in a perfect home,with loving parents,and a caring father.I wish I could say that,like most girls,but I came from a broken home.My mom left when I was around age 6,7?I forget.My dad tried his hardest to raise me,but he gave up,and sent me to an orphanage.I went from house to house before I ended up here.In La.Not too bad..

I managed to get a deal on a really nice house with a great view of the HillWood sign.It was kind of weird..I always grew up around lots of kids,and now I was kind of forced to be on my own.
The house was gorgeous,but I needed to get out,to be around someone.I grabbed my bike and road out to first community lot I could find.

It was the magic kingdom.I wanted to buy something,but all they were selling was gold,I couldn't do much with that..I said thanks,but no thanks,and left.

While walking I didn't notice the well right in front of me and tripped.As you see it wasn't very fun feeling the ground being pulled from underneath your feet,and being dragged into a pit of water.

I quickly grabbed the sides of the well,and pulled myself up to open land.I breathed slowly for a while,and was able to calm down and walk to a different shop to ask for a towel.

"Uhh..hi,my names Emma,um I was wondering if you guys sold towels?".I hoped they did,I didn't want to have to go back home and change.

"I am so sorry sweety but we sold out a couple of days ago,spring break means more kids want to go to the beach,ya know?" No,I didn't really know.I said thanks anyways,and walked out,holding my sides to keep warm and shield myself from the breeze that was blowing by.

I hopped on my bike and headed to the beach,I remembered my bikini wasn't big so I had grabbed it and stuffed it in my back pocket on my way out.

My feet dragged into the sand,I wanted to change and let my clothes dry,but I wondered how?

I looked around to make sure no one was looking at me.I spotted an old man staring,I just rolled my eyes and turned away,as if to shoo him,and tell him "Get lost old man".He turned away and headed out to hug his wife.

I felt better,I smiled,and let my toes run through the soft sand.It was warm.I heard music blasting.

I went over and started dancing with a random guy.He was kind of cute,not my type,but he was up for a quick little dance.

I couldn't resist,my bootay was just so firm from dancing,okay this is awkward..

I yawned,the sun was tiring me out,but I really didn't want to go home and sleep.I spotted a kind of cute guy.He looked shy,and was kind of standing there doing nothing.

I got him on his feet and we started to dance.I told him my name,but he didn't say his.

"May I ask for your number?" He asked,I giggled and handed it over.He smiled.

We started dancing again,and I managed to notice how lanky he really was.Better then really built up I guess.

We danced for a little bit more until I noticed the sun was starting to set.I excused myself and hurried to the fire pit.

I lit a match,and let the wood burn.

I got a marshmellow,and stuck it on a stick.I wasn't sure if I should put it in the fire,or by the fire,so I stuck it in.

When I got it out,it was burnt.I wasn't too thrilled at first...

When I bit into it,it was warm,nothing too big.It was still kind of nasty...

He came up and said he had to go,I smiled and waved goodbye.Yee he was cute.

I went to a local bar/dinner.I was starving!

I ordered some nachos.We weren't aloud to eat those kinds of foods in my orphanage.It was always meatloaf   

He handed the nachos right over,and said that if I was hoping for a happy hour discount,it just ended.I shook my head,but told him thanks anyways.

It was delicious,so cheesy,and not to mention crunchy,I could easily get used to this kind of lifestyle.

After I finished eating,and I saw game machines.It turns out I was terrible,but I'm pretty sure no one can win those silly machines anyways.

I went home and auto fell into bed.