Sunday, March 27, 2011

1.2 A brand new day

When I woke up I had felt my back stick to the bed.It was so hot,especially since summer was so close.When I had opened my eyes,I heard birds chirping.It was nice to live in this area of town,where you couldn't hear a sound of traffic.
I sighed and stumbled out of bed.I only knew 2 people here in town,and I thought it was kind of important to know the neighbors.I got up,and rushed to get ready and eat.
I rang the doorbell,and a man answered,hm he wasn't too shabby,but I'm pretty sure he was married.
"Hi...My names emma,I just moved across from here a day ago" He smiled."Oh well names jake,feel free to come in"
When I got inside,I look around.It was definitely interesting to be in such a big home.I assumed he was rich,maybe even a celebrity.Growing up in an orphanage,the only real celebrity I knew of was Hannah Montana.
"So..." I kind of jumped when he said that."What do you do for a living" I wasn't quite sure how to answer that."Actually,Iv'e still been trying to look around town a little before I commit myself to one job,ya know?" he nodded."I tried that for a while,it was great to experience the towns feel,but keeping up on bills wasn't very easy" I frowned "Oh yeah..I kind of forgot about that.." He laughed "Feel free to look around" He said and disappeared through a door.
I ended up in the kitchen.I was so big compared to my tiny one.Bottles...spices...and god knows what else.I secretly wanted to cook something but knew that would be inappropriate.There was only one floor in the house.I guess my little tour was over.I showed myself the door and went back home.
To say I was scared of what Jake said about the bills was an understatement.I had rushed to the computer and went online for search of a job.I then sighed and shut off the computer,nothing interesting.I would have to do this the old fashioned way.I knew what I really wanted to do,I wanted to cook..I just didn't know if I wanted to go forward with that kind of career,but I decided I had to.
I entered the bistro,and counted every single step.I got the job....but then I walked out and saw HIM...


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